Product Info

Incomparable buttons have enjoyed widespread popularity over the past 36 years.

Our handmade and painted buttons are well suited to numerous craft applications:  

From the more traditional knitting, sewing, crochet and quilting to paper crafts (scrapbooking, gift tags, greeting cards), jewellery making and mosaics.

If you are not a knitter, use them to replace the plastic buttons on a store-bought garment.

Add individuality to your wardrobe by sewing them onto a pocket, sleeve, hat, apron, cushion cover, shoes, bag.

Glue them onto picture frames, crockery, light switch covers, clock faces, lampshades...the possibilities are endless. 

Choose from hundreds of different designs; from tortoises and teddy bears to teeny tiny tractors, x-large fashion buttons and everything in between - there's sure to be something you'll love. 

A card of Incomparable Buttons makes a fun and whimsical gift

Each button is carefully hand crafted from our unique mixture of ceramic and stoneware clay and hand painted with an assortment of glazes.

Each and every one of our buttons is lovingly made and then painted by hand with a paintbrush, no transfers and no quick tricks.

From the tortoise's smile to the cat's whiskers, every stroke is made by hand and each piece is unique.

The use of natural materials, as opposed to plastic, is popular in an increasingly environmentally conscious market. 

Due to a unique manufacturing process, the buttons are both machine washable and dry cleanable.* The process involves numerous firings at extremely high temperatures. The result is a product of exceptional strength and durability. Sew them on with confidence.

* The buttons are fully washable; we recommend that the garment is turned inside out prior to washing, and that the normal care is taken in the handling of the item.



SHOPS: Our buttons are suited to a variety of outlets from the traditional yarn and quilt stores to craft shops, gift shops, zoos, museums, aquariums, and music and of course we have loads of cats, dogs, hearts etc. too.


SUBSCRIPTION BOXES: The perfect extra special little gift in subscription boxes...from knitting & crochet boxes to craft boxes and even pet boxes (think fridge magnets and gift tags)...or anything you can dream up, we can help make it a reality to offer your subscribers something truly unique and fun.  

Please send us an email with your ideas and we'll work with you to tailor something perfect for your next box.


DESIGNERS: For clothing designers, we design all of our Incomparable products and are able to produce custom-made buttons within a short time (minimum order quantities do apply). 

'Why settle for plastic?'