L026 Cats

L026 Cats

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5 x friendly cat buttons (5 x mixed colours: navy spots, green, orange, brown and navy stripes) . 

Size:    In inches: Approximate range 0.85 - 1.3 inches wide and 0.63 - 1.2 inches tall.

             In centimetres: Approximate range 2.2 - 3.3cm wide and 1.6 - 3cm tall.

Handmade and painted in South Africa.

Use our handmade buttons to replace plastic buttons or adorn a handmade item.
Decorate a pocket, handbag, hat, sleeve, coat, apron, snood, beanie, shoes, make-up bag, cushion covers...the possibilities are endless.

Flat backed and acid-free - perfect for use in paper-crafts: greeting cards, gift tags, scrapbooking.

A card of Incomparable Buttons makes a unique and whimsical gift.

'Why settle for plastic?'

Please note: all of our items are handmade and some slight variation in colour and size may occur.

Our buttons are fully washable - we do recommend turning the garment inside-out before machine washing.